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Pay Fee Online (International)

WhatsApp on 9399163286 (Mon-Fri: 10AM to 5PM IST) or Email [email protected] in the case of any problem regarding payment.

 Publication Charges- 14 US$ dollar (For International Author)   (Maximum 7 Authors, Maximum 26 Pages)

DOI of paper on demand of Author - DOI Charges 3 USD Extra

 Publication Charges Includes the following -

  • Publication of one entire Research Paper Online
  • Soft Copy of Certificates to all authors.
  • Editing and layout Fee
  • Editorial Fee/Review Fee
  • Indexing, maintenance of link resolvers and Journal infrastructures.

    Publication Charges

  1. Article without DOI (Digital Object Identifer) - 14 US$ dollar
  2. Article with DOI (Digital Object Identifer) - 17 US$ dollar (Along with paper)
  3. Article with DOI (Digital Object Identifer) - 18 US$ dollar (If paper already published)


Payment options for International Authors

You can choose following PayPal link for online payment option

  • Blue Button for PayPal Account (Primary currency in your Paypal account should be US doller) Help

  • Black Button for Debit/Credit card